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At Intelness, we believe in the greatness of ideas, of knowledge, of willpower.

The size of a company HQ can no longer be enough to conquer a market, to manufacture the next best product in a category or to provide an outstanding service that actually makes customers happier.

That's why we advocate in favour of an industry where expert business advice isn't restricted to companies who already have enough money, enough talents, enough resources at present.

We believe that companies with big dreams are more powerful that the ones with all the facts.

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Look away from the average: in business the extremes rule

Business is not done on the average. In business, the exceptions, the extremes, rule.(Richard Koch, brilliant author of The 80/20 Principle)Have you ever noticed how relevant achievements in business are usually very far from having a regular…


Customer service practices to enhance customer experience

If you’ve been in business for more than a couple of hours, you must have realised by now that Customers are a strategic, essential, vital part of any business. They tend to have the power to fire anyone in the company, from customer service…

business development

Business Plan 101: realistic guide to business plans that persuade stakeholders

If the business world were structured to produce out of the blue enough resources for anyone with a brilliant business idea, things would look and feel pretty different in the field.You could wake up one day having shaped, overnight, your business…

business development

The hidden strength of SWOT analysis

The SWOT matrix is a very common tool in the world of business schools, in fact it's one of the very first topics you're likely to come across in any Strategy and Business Development class. The concept, per se, is so widely popular that doesn't even…

business gems

Managing Time or Managing Yourself?

Time is a precious, golden resource and it surely needs to be managed wisely.However, most of time management techniques revolve around setting aside - or blocking, as they say - slots of this precious resource in order to dedicate it entirely to one…

business gems

Acknowledge and still smile: how team leaders do not get disappointed

For some random luck of the universe, being a team leader is rewarding and satisfactory enough for team leaders to overlook any downside of the role, the major one being called disappointment. When it comes to not only managing a group of people, but…


The Balanced Scorecard: An Effective Strategy Tool for Corporate Success

In 1992, the Harvard Business Review published an article written by two great researchers of the science of management: Robert Kaplan and David Norton. Over the previous years, their activity had been heavily focused on studying the most successful…

business gems

Happy-Go-Lucky Attitude for Unshakable Entrepreneurs

If there's one reason why most people can't be entrepreneurs, it's this:Attitude is one of the biggest deal in business and one of the most important asset an entrepreneur will ever possess.And when it comes to that, attitude needs to be shaped…


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