Happy-Go-Lucky Attitude for Unshakable Entrepreneurs

If there's one reason why most people can't be entrepreneurs, it's this:

Attitude is one of the biggest deal in business and one of the most important asset an entrepreneur will ever possess.

And when it comes to that, attitude needs to be shaped according to the level of success one is willing to reach.

It's not easy to explain which traits entrepreneurs do need to have in order to become successful and to sustain success over time, but for certain they involve the following curious combination of elements:

  • Vision
  • Boldness
  • Logic
  • Trust
  • Resilience
  • Inner Optimism

The Happy-Go-Lucky factor in entrepreneurship

As a matter of fact, anyone who's ever pursued something great in their own lives has come across risks and setbacks and, most definitely, has had the occasional impression of constantly being fighting or hurdling over something.

That is because no phase of entrepreneurship is completely easy: first, there's the idea or business vision shaping up, and this stage requires a level of clarity and focus that's hard to achieve in itself; then, the phases of business preparation and organisation follow through and they're never exactly like going for a walk in the park; then again, there's market introduction, validation and customer acquisition, which is, in itself, a very fascinating blend of art and science.

Entrepreneurship, in its purest form, requires entrepreneurs to be at once the chess player who strategically move the pieces and the piece moving across the chessboard.  Innovation and conservation, ambition and reality, future vision and contemporary context: everything is balanced, yet every element is separated from the others by its own identity, ready to take the lead when it's their turn.

It's no wonder then that all the skills in the world, alone, do not make a great entrepreneur. The right attitude is the one element that makes any remarkable entrepreneurship achievement possible and the essence of it is somehow contained in the happy-go-lucky factor.

Ten features of a happy-go-lucky entrepreneur

  1. Happy-go-lucky entrepreneurs know that in business no, most of the time means only try again, be better next time
  2. They do not cling to anxious feelings, they just let them pass
  3. They do not regret past choices, because they know experience is one of the best teachers out there
  4. They pick a decision and then they go and make it right
  5. They face risks as they arise, knowing that with persistence everything will settle into place
  6. They are willing to put in all the necessary hard work, because they are always looking forward to the outcome that'll follow
  7. They dream with open eyes and they have a clear vision of what they want to achieve
  8. They are not afraid (and when they happen to be, they know how to manage fear. They never give it a relevant role in their lives and their careers)
  9. They trust themselves, even when they are their only source of support
  10. They master an unshakable optimism and they kindle an inner certainty of success, even when the circumstances aren't easy.

You see things and you say Why? but I dream things that never were, and I say _Why not?_ Bernard Shaw


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